Kelly Kwalik, Leader of Papian Independence Army Is Dead

Indonesian Police success to kill Kelly Kwalik, Wednesday (16/12) in the morning about 03.00 am. The oldman died when police arround his place at Gorong-Gorong Timika Papua.
Spokesman of Papua Police Department, Agus Rianto said police shooted Kelly Kwalik on his up-foot. Kelly died when doctor at Kuala Kencana Hospital, Timika help him.
“Kelly tried to shoot us using revolver, so my officer shooted him first,” Agus said.
The bullet reach Kelly’s foot. Inside home, there is five persons whose Kelly’s family. They are Jeep Murib (24 th), Noni Senawarme (35 th), Martinus Katarame (21 th), Yosep Kwantik (60 th) and Yorni Murib (10).
Criminal Director of Papua Police Department, Pietrus Waine said police have been examining witness at Timika. About the corpse, he said police would be do a DNA test and anatomy checking at Bhayangkara Hospital, Jayapura.
This night, many officers arround the hospital to prevent people who have bad suggestion.


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