Repatriation, 138 Citizens at PNG Back To Indonesia

After 30 years living for Papua-Indonesia and placed at Papua New Guinea, more a half people got repatriation and back to motherland. Number of 138 citizens of PNG, Thursday (19/11), is transported by Indonesian Air force Plane, Hercules from Wewak PNG to Jayapura, to start repatriation. They are claiming relief back to Indonesia.

“I miss my family. There are high criminality at PNG and situation at Papua much better than I leaved last 1979,” Hein Fere (62), a repatriation person who also brought his wife, Yohana Hamadi (60) and four grandson. His five kids also would be joined to repatriation on 2010 after sold their land and house at PNG.

The repatriation persons also include children of Papuan who born and live at PNG. They choose to go to Indonesia because want to get a good education. More a half of them come from around of Port Numbay such as Sentani, Jayapura City, Sarmi, and Keerom.

Number of 138 repatriation person arrived at Sentani using Hercules A1320, piloted by Colonel Lieutenant (Pilot) Purwoko. First flight brought 65 people and then in the afternoon 73 person arrived. Now they are stayed at Jayapura for three or five days.

Functionary of Domestics Affair Department, Sutrisno, said the repatriation persons would be sent to their regency or city which they are come from. “After verified on their destiny, regent would pick and carry them to their homeland,” he said.

About job and place to live, Sutrisno said that is regent’s right and authority. He hopes repatriation persons could be one to their big families at Papua and live normally as Indonesian citizen.

Functionary of Foreign Affair Department, Teguh Wardoyo said repatriation would be continued for future. “A half people would be joined at repatriation on next. They should sell their land, house, and manage their job at PNG,” Teguh said.

As long leave at PNG, he said, these repatriation persons did not live normally. He explained about persons who live at mile 6 and mile 8 at Port Moresby, capital of PNG, live below poverty line.


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