Raising Star Flag at MRP

Near December 1st, which claims as West Papua Independence Day, Jayapura is alert. Former of politician prisoner, Sem Yaro foolhardy brought Bintang Kejora or Raising Star Flag at Papua People Assembly (MRP) Office, Jayapura, Monday (16/11). Now, Sem and his friend, John Kreuta arrest by police.
Sem and his four friends that bring two kids come to MRP to demonstrate. But, unknown by other people, he step down from green car by the way bring a tree-trunk that bond by a flag. The Raising Star Flag is approximately 100 x 70 centimeters area.
He said special autonomy for Papua just a gift from government is totally failed. “Papuans do not feel affluence. If there is no reparation to special autonomy, better for Papua to get freedom,” Sem said under the sun.
Sem said there is no problem to bring Raising Star Flag. Because this is just Papuan culture symbolic. He also intimidate would set raising star flag at various place on December 1st if he could not meet member of MRP.
In the morning, Sem came to MRP. He stretches his flag in front of MRP name board. A few minutes later, he drives a car to the city. One hour later, he comes back to MRP.
Fifteen minutes, Sem in progress. Three police trucks that brought Brimob and Dalmas are at full stretch to MRP. Chief Abepura Police Department, Commissioner Aide Yafet Karafir said their action is not approved by Papua Police Department. Yafet tried to rope in the raising star, but Sem did not agree.
MRP Spokesman, Anggenata Wali said leader of MRP have no agenda to meet the mass. “Chairman of MRP is not at this office,” he said. But, Sem insists the letter to claims Papua Department. Head of Operation Division Commissioner Aide Dominggus Rumaropen hag him and ask his members to catch Sem.
Dominggus said Sem and John Kreuta brought to Jayapura City Police Department. “Their act had no police consent,” He said.
To protect this action, police are at full stretch 60 Brimob and 60 Dalmas. Officer safe several evidence such as raising star flag.


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