Foreigner Migration to Papua is Limited

Papua Province Government ascertained as soon as execute restriction of foreigner migration to Papua area. Restriction needed to give a chance to indigenous people for develop their self and compete on politic and economic as same as Indonesian people at another place.

Governor’s special staff, Agus Sumule, Friday (13/11) at Jayapura, said Papua Province Government had been regulating Papua Province Rule No.15/2008 about Citizens. Several points is discriminating based on two identity card (KTP).

“The rule should be applicable on 2009. Identity card to vary Papuan people (indigenous people and foreigner who live for long time at Papua) with new come foreigner,” Agus said. He answers Papuans anxiety about competition Papuan with foreigner on politic and economic part.

It is swank on International Biodiversity Conferene at Jayapura, which theme is Papua Special Autonomy and Cultural Rights Recognition on Natural Resources.

Agus Sumule said officer should inspecting an airport and port to data foreigner destiny and identity. If on two months they get no job at Papua, foreigners should be back to their hometown. He said limitation for citizens also did by people at Bali on the Banjar Traditional System.

Frans Wospakrik, Vice Chairman of Papua People Assembly bolster migration rule. His reason is Papuan did not take over anymore. He also acknowledge this regulation is a discrimination, but in positive thing.

“Yup, the regulation is discrimination rule, but in positive thing. This destiny is to give a chance to Papuan to get the same quality with other people in Indonesia. This is about recognition and protection to indigenous people,” Wospakrik said.

Citizen at Papua on 2008 is about two million people. Increase two percent compared last year. Papua Cultural Council said indigenous people (melanesian) at Papua is about 1,2 million.

Forkorus Yoboisembut, chairman of Papua Cultural Council said melanesian at Papua New Guinea Country is about seven million people. “First nominally melanesian in Indonesia and PNG is relatively the same, about 800 thousand and 900 thousand people,” Forkorus said.


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