Eight Years Papua Special Autonomy Had No Impact

Special autonomy for Papua that step on eight years did not touch people based problem, such as recognition and partiality to indigenous people. Decrease of poverty and many development program is government duty that no correlation with special autonomy. Government should show a real result that get by his special autonomy arbitrary power.

“Government programs did not touch heart of Papua special autonomy,” Muridan S Widjojo said from Indonesian Science Institution (LIPI), at Jayapura Papua, Tuesday (17/11).

He acknowledges that Papua Governor had been arriving much province regulation, which its destiny is welfare for Papua indigenous people. It is such as free medical action, free education, and dependable program, People Driven Program (Respek).

“All this program is good. But could it work without special autonomy? It is government responsibility. So if it the same with or without special autonomy, which is the different?” Muridan said.

The book writer of Papua Road Map said special autonomy failed to bring welfare for Papuan because while its law chronicle (Law No.21/2001 signed by President Megawati Soekarno Putri on November 21, 2001) did not involving people that cross swords both another. As you know, Special Autonomy Law for Papua is gift by Jakarta to alleviate Papua Independence aspiration.

“People that cross swords such as Papua Freedom Organization (OPM) and other faction that pro-independence although Jakarta elite that pro-Indonesia never meet and talk about conflict solution. This reason made special autonomy did not walking,” Muridan said.

Because of this, he said special autonomy did not break suspicious both Jakarta and Papua. He showed shot on Freeport case. Military accuse its done by OPM. But, people at Papua accuse that special army done it.

Muridan hopes base job from special autonomy such as increasing healthy and education, finishing human rights problems, develop Reconciliation and Truth Commission, and directing of Papua history could be government priority program.

Frans Wospakrik, Vice Leader of Papua People Assembly (MRP) acknowledges special autonomy did not walk as Papuan hope. He found Papuan people have no knowledge about special autonomy that applicable for 25 years. “We have restiveness to protect Papuan. But, we found special autonomy tutorial didnot walk. This is not MRP job, but also government,” he said.

Frans said area government should be brave to apply special autonomy law to protect Papuan. Special autonomy is not just about money that nominally thousand billion rupiah.

Special autonomy fund that accepted by Papua Province since 2002 to 2009 nominally about Rp 18,7 thousand billion. People who live in poverty on 2001 is about 41.8 percent. Seven years later, poverty decrease to 36,53 percent. More a half people on the bread line live in village. They are Papuan indigenous people.


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