Domestic Minister Agreed to Investigate President of Papua Parliamentary

After waiting for a year, Papua Counsel for the Prosecution finally received letter from Domestic Minister to investigate President of Papua Parliamentary, John Ibo and the member Yance Kayame. Both would be investigated for Rp 5,2 billion corruption cases. For a few days latter, investigation would be held.

“Permit to investigate John Ibo and Yance Kayame had been sent from domestic minister to the Attorney General on October 19. But we received it last week,” said Head of Papua Council for the Prosecution, Palty Simanjuntak.

Entreaty to minister had been sent for three times since 2008. Entreaty from Office of Attorney General last on July 14. Agreement letter had been signing by Mr. Mardiyanto, minister. Prosecution could investigate both as witness and suspect on 2006 financing help budget  (Rp 2,6 billion) and household help budget (Rp 2,6 billion).

The case split on four bundles for former Secretary of Papua Province Andi Basso and former of Chief of Financing Bureau Paul Onibala. Their bundling has been 90 percent finished to Court.

Now, John Ibo is elected as President of Papua Parliamentary and also Yance Kayame as member of Papua Parliamentary 2009-2014. Jhon Ibo is main leader of Golkar Party at Papua and Yance Kayame as member.


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