Ring Road Jayapura to Sentani Airport Development will starts in 2010

Jayapura city to Sentani airport road that only one path, in 2010 will get alternative way to Sentani airport. The Region Government plans to build ring road from city to airport. This 34 km way taking estimate about 7 thousand billons rupiahs.

Head of Papua constructions department, Jansen Monim, Tuesday (10/11) said that the government are in planning design actions and prepared road map. As the plan, this Jayapura-Sentani ring road will divisible by several stage.
Jansen Said, first Government will sets 500 billion rupiah to build road along 3,5 km from Hamdi to Skyline. This source fund from APBN and APBD 2010 another aids.

Jansen said that the Jayapura-Sentani ring road development will continue from west and south direction. “We will extend the ring road to 41 kilometers. Absolutely, after first stage of ring road development is finished,” he said.

This is a part of trans Papua road planning. There are, Jayapura-Sentani- Lereh-Wamena (500 kilometer), Mulia – Timika (250kilometer), Timika – Enarotali (198kilometer), Enarotali – Nabire (234kilometer), Oksibil – Dekai (250kilometer), Dekai – Wamena (210kilometer), Dekai – Logpond (20kilometer), Merauke – Tanah Merah (427kilometer), Tanah Merah – Oksibil (319kilometer), Oksibil – Ubrub –Jayapura (397kilometer), Jayapura – Sarmi (312kilometer)
Wamena – Tiom – Karubaga (161kilometer), Karubaga – Mamberamo (120 Kilometer), Nabire – Waren (224kilometer), Waren – Sarmi (378kilometer), Timika – Dekai (350kilometer).


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