Gold Mining at Paniai, Be Clean..!!!

Traditional gold mining at Degeuwo River, Bogoboida District, Paniai-Papua, had been caused people difficult to get clean water. People also did not comfort with prostitute behind billiard arena and night club over there.

Dominikus Sorabut, spokesman of Solidarity of Save the Land, the Forest, and Papua Indigenous People (Setahap), said about 30 companies done gold mining activity at Degeuwo River since 2005. They scrape the cliff and forest to get gold ores. Its screening make the waters was polluted.

“River pollution of mercury made us worry. Mercury used by traditional miner to get gold ores,” he said.

Further more, Dominikus said mine activities made a chance for uncontrolled prostitution and alcohol drinks business. He worried social people (Wolani and Mee Tribes) will be broken because of these.

“Prostitution at the village could express HIV/AIDS infection,” Dominikus said. He speech this case with 100 member of Setahap while demonstrated at Abepura. They hope government controlled traditional mining for locally people shrewdness.

They plan to demonstrate at Papua Parliamentary (DPRP). But, head of Abepura Police Department Commissioner Aide Yafet Karafir with hundreds of troop barricade them. This barricade made mass emotionally.

Leader of Paniai Tradition John NR Gobay said local government and Paniai Police has act to close mine activity. And now, three businessmen have been made a permit to open gold mining.

Paniai traditional gold mining problems walk since 2005. Paniai people many times barricade Nabire and Paniai Airport. They stem helicopter to go to mining location. Mass dropped the alcohol drinks and heavy vehicle from helicopter.

Several time ago, government issued Instruction of Paniai Head No. 53/2009 about provisional closed mine activity. Government invented and rethought traditional activity company.

Further more, John Gobay said people did not decide to barricade mine. But, he accent, companies have to environmental friendly. He said people also averse café that brought alcohol drinks and prostitution behind.General News


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