One Corpse of Skytruck Crew Could Be Evacuated

Jayapura Rescuer Team, Thursday (5/11), have evacuated one corpse of victims of Indonesian Police Skytruck P-4202. Three dead bodies could not be evacuated because of bad weather on accident location that beside two escarpment. Evacuation would be continues on Friday morning.
“Three times helicopter tried to fly but weather-bound. Last try at 03.42 pm,” Major (Pilot) Atang Sudrajat, Rescuer Team said. He hopes this Friday the weather is good enough.
He explained, evacuation begin from Jayapura by Kamov Helicopter (PK-JTV PT Air Pasific) to send eight rescuer to the location. After there, rescuer dropped by towline.
Rescuer put one corpse nearest then lifted it to helicopter and sent it to Dabra Base Camp. Corpse sent to Sentani by Puma Indonesian Airforce Helicopter. They arrive at 00.30 pm and Papua Police Department medical team brought it to identify at Bhayangkara Hospital.
Commander of Police Air Patrol, High Commissioner Mayor Situmorang said identifying have not finished. Cause of these, he don’t know the name of victim. So far, all family will wait the corpse at Jakarta.
He said Skytruck inside is four crew without passenger and bring eight drums fuel. Four crews are Commissioner Aide M Yunus (30), Second Inspector Benediktus (29), and mechanic First Brigadier Syaiful (30) and First Brigadier Kuswanto (30). The accident happens last November, 2nd from Sentani to Mulia Puncak Jaya. Their mission brought fuel for police operations.
About physically condition of corpse, Rescuer Team Suyatno did not explain it. He ask journalist to imagine the condition by a heavy broken aircraft.


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