All Four Corpses of Indonesian Police Skytruck Had Been Evacuated

Evacuation series, Friday (6/11), succeed lift up all three corpses of Indonesian Police Skytruck accident to Jayapura. They put it from Dorman Mountains Papua and identified at Bhayangkara Hospital. This Saturday morning, all corpse fly by police aircraft from Sentani to Jakarta.

A day before, one corpse also had been lifted up from air crash location. So far, all four corpses had been evacuated. “All corpses are evacuated. About black box, police aircraft did not bring it as usually army plans,” Second Lieutenant Aide, Absensius Sembiring, said, a minute after arrive from location.

He explained corpse had been found at 150 meters radius on a cliff. Location is a rock and heavy stone on 10.300 feet high. “It is stone is so hard, may be a metal at inside. The area is three multiply of soccer field. Compass not easy to work. Communication is not good,” Absensius said.

Jayapura Rescuer Team, Major (Pilot) Atang Sudrajat said all evacuation series is finished. “After identified, all corpses would be gift to police,” he said
Yesterday, evacuation started at 8.15 am from Dabra to location by Kamov Helicopter.

Kamov that flight by Captain Jung Yeon Woo and Copilot Kim Kwang Su arrived at Sentani and picked up by tree Bhayangkara Hospital cars.
Right now, four victims Commissioner Aide M Yunus (30), Second Inspector Benediktus (29), First Brigadier Syaiful (30), and First Brigadier (30) have successfully identified by doctors.

Writer notes, belonging 2009, there is four times a dead plane accident at Papua. First, April 9, Aviastar Mandiri from Jayapura to Wamena crash Pike Mountains, six crew dead.

Second, April 17, Mimika Air from Mulia to Timika crash at Gergaji Mountain, six passengers and three crews died. Third, June 29, Aviastar Mandiri from Wamena to Yahukimo impacted, three crew dead.
Fourth, the tragic accident, August 2, Merpati Airlines from Sentani to Oksibil was dropped at Apmisibil, three crews and 15 passengers died.


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