Searching of Police Skytruck Zero

Jayapura Rescuer Team, Tuesday (3/11) evening, clarify Indonesian Police statement whom said Police Skytruck M28 P-4202 had been found after a day lost contact. Searching from morning until evening did not find location of impact. Searcher will back to observe today from Jayapura and Wamena.
Inside skytruck M-28 there are Commissioner Aide M Yunus (30), Second Inspector Benediktus (29), First Brigadier Syaiful (30), and First Brigadier Kuswanto (30). Their mission sent eight drum fuels for police office at Mulia Puncak Jaya.
Emergency locater transmitter (ELT) signal of Skytruck, Monday afternoon, heard by Susi Air at Kanggime and Illu areas at Papua Central Mountains. Its geographic position is 03 04’ 26” south and 138 20’ 64” east. ELT being point of searched.
Tuesday noon, Spokesman Indonesian Police, Inspector General Nanan Soekarna revealed skytruck had been found at Kanggime Village, border of Tolikara and Puncak Jaya. All cru is dead.
On statements, victims had been found at 03 04’ 26” south and 138 20’ 64” east. It is the same as ELT signal from Susi Air. It’s far is about 14 kilometers from Tolikara and 42 kilometers from Puncak Jaya. Impact caused of bad weather.
“We see at television and online media that impact location had been found. We don’t know where the information comes from. For no miscommunication, all real information of search comes from here (Rescuer). Right now, we still don’t have information about impact location. Just ELT signal we have,” Logistic Rescuer Officer, High Commissioner Mayor Situmorang.
Situmorang as Head of Air Patrol Indonesian Police said Skytruck P-4202 in a good condition when incident happen. Last maintenance did on Friday (30 October 2009). Before incident, aircraft had been used for three times, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday morning. At second flight, skytruck got lost contact.
He said that Skytruck P-4202 made in Poland was bought in new condition in 2004. The flying time had just 1200 hour. He explained the plane could accommodate 20 people with average mass body. The contain capacity got 1,5-2 ton. About the contain capacity when lost contact, he confessed not yet receive the data.
The Pilot had the flying time over 2000 hours and already one year worked in Papua. Situmorang said that Sentani to Mulia route was often passed by the pilot. Because of that, Situmorang couldn’t presume about the cause of lost contact.

ELT Stopped

Major Airman Atang Sudrajat, Chief of Rescuer Team Operation Jayapura, Major (Pnb) Atang Sudrajat explained the result of searching in Tuesday done during seven hours by two MAF plane (PK-MAR and PK-MAD), one plane Yajasi (PK-VCE), Helicopter Helly Mission and Susi Air Plane (PK-VVD) supported fuel supply.

At 15.00 pm, Searching of plane already back to Sentani without the visual result of piece of plane. All day, the fog was not thick except around Mamid areas were closed by fog. The reports still nothing. He said that hoped next Wednesday still good and got a good report.
The seeking of plane still do with MAF, AMA , Yajai, Helli Mission Plane and Susi Air around Illu Pass until Mamid area in the middle of Papua Mountains. Atang said that signal ELT Skytruck that cached by Susi Air Plane already stopped. Because of that, he estimated the searching this Wednesday will be complicated.


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