Police Skytruck Burnt and Heavy Broken

Indonesian Police’s Skytruck P-4202, Wednesday (4/11), is revealed impact and its condition is heavy broken. Three days searching after skytruck lost contact could not found about four crew conditions inside. For right now, rescuer failed to reach the location because of bad weather.
Location of skytruck found by Jayapura SAR Team, pilot Nick and copilot Paul whom using Yajasi plane (PK-UCE) at 06.15 am. Many parts of its body is showed while Yajasi at 10.600 feet up of sea level. The plane is 03 28’ 38” south and 138 27’ 81” east.
On Yajasi sky picture, skytruck that bring eight drums of fuel is in very bad conditions. Its surrounding is black burnt. It could be identified by Skytruck tail that blue-red stripes.
SAR team built a base camp nearest at Dabra District, Mamberamo Raya. They sent 19 officers by two times flight of Susi Air (PK-VVA) from Sentani. Dabra to location is about 15 minutes far by helicopter or four days far by foot.
Cause of this case, SAR team would evacuate using helicopter by dropping rescuer. Yesterday, rescuer trained near operation base Jayapura Indonesian Air force using red Kamov Helicopter PK-JTV. In the noon, location of skytruck is closed by clouds.
Head of Papua Police Department, Brigadier General Bekto Suprapto, in the noon, had been looking skytruck and observing base camp Dabra by Prime Air PK-RJV. Bekto around the location 11.200 feet of sea levels for four times.
”I see its body is heavy broken on valley of mountain. We could not near because of clouds,” Bekto said. He did not know about four crew condition inside before SAR team told him.
While, about fuel business using skytruck, Bekto said that information is not true. He said eight drum fuels that sent to Mulia for police operational at Puncak Jaya.
Jayapura SAR Operation officer, Major (pilot) Atang Sudrajat said evacuated yesterday could not use Kamov because of bad weather. “It’s dangerous for our team,” he said.
Thursday morning, rescuer would be resend to location by Polri Fokker-50 supports. Fokker-50 would be as weather observer. Indonesian Air Force also prepared Puma Helicopter to help evacuation.
Atang as Commander of Operation of Jayapura Indonesian Air Force said people at villages surrounding had been reach skytruck location. He also said skytruck P4202 is heavy broken. Its location looked many parts of aircraft body and new black burned.


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