Aircrash Incident, Papua Police Skytruck Lost Contact

Indonesian Police Airplane at Papua, Skytruck M28, Monday (2/11) afternoon, had been revealed lost contact when its flight from Sentani Jayapura to Mulia, Puncak Jaya. Officers have not made sure about condition of four crews inside. Searching will begin Tuesday morning at 78 mile area, south of Jayapura.
Skytruck with 12 person capacity depart from Sentani Airport at 11.26 am without passenger. Inside, Captain Pilot Assistant Commissioner Yunus and copilot Second Inspector Benediktus and mechanic officers First Brigadier Saiful and First Brigadier Kuswanto.
Spokesman of Papua Police Department, High Commissioner Agus Rianto said skytruck is Indonesian Police’s plane which placed at Papua. Plane P-4220 bought eight drum fuels for police office at Puncak Jaya.
“As scheduled, skytruck should come at Mulia, Puncak Jaya at 00.40 pm. But until this afternoon, the plane had not been coming. We could not contact our crew,” Agus said.
Coordinator of Searching Team, Suyatno speak his team, since 01.00 pm tried to find skytruck by radio contact from airport and other planes which flight on the route. Team predicted plane get impact at Foao and Mele Villages, about 78 miles south of Sentani.
Sentani Tower Officer, Anak Agung Made Budiarta explained skytruck departure about 11.26 from Sentani. “Crew report they will be fly to Mulia via Kobakma. He predicted they would be arriving at 12.30,” Made said.
At 01.00 pm, he received information from Mulia Airport at Puncak Jaya which plane not yet came. Further more, weather at Mulia is worse so would be high risk if skytruck to land.
Made contact other airport surrounding Sentani such as Wamena, Nabire, and Biak to find skytruck. No result.
He also informs every plan which fly to Sentani-Wamena-Mulia route to active radio emergency receiver. Every plan also commanded to observe every sight of forest and hill surrounding.
A moment after, Made receives information from Premi Air pilot who communicate with skytruck on 10.000 feet high and 40 mile far from Sentani. Skytruck informed to Premi Air about bad weather at Bolakme. So, skytruck change his route via Dormen and still at scheduled to Mulia.
“Signal of radar recorder showed skytruck at 40 mile far and turn right to Dormen. But, at 70 miles far, our radar can not catch the signal and its position,” Made.
Skytruck brought fuel for three hours flight. So at 02.26 pm, Sentani Airport revealed plane is on emergency condition.
At 03.00 pm, NAC Air from Wamena to Mulia has been asked to open its emergency radio channel at 212.5 frequency. But, it didn’t give a result.
But, at 04.04 pm, other plane, Susi Air PK-VVD received a weak radio signal from S 3 40,70 E 138 16,95 geographic position. This emergency signal automatically spread if plane impacted. Susi Air failed to observe condition on the land because of bad weather.
Operation Commander Indonesian Airforce at Jayapura, Major (Pilot) Atang Sudrajat said searching will be starting Tuesday morning. Searching will be done from Wamena using Helli Mission and from Sentani using Associated Mission Aviation (AMA), Yayasan Jasa Aviasi Indonesia (Yajasi), and Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF).
Atang could not reveal if the plane is impacted because there is no visual report. But, he has been preparing his combat Puma helicopter and Kamov helly to help evacuation.
Writer notes, belonging 2009, there is four times a dead plane accident at Papua. First, April 9, Aviastar Mandiri from Jayapura to Wamena crash Pike Mountains, six crew dead.
Second, April 17, Mimika Air from Mulia to Timika crash at Gergaji Mountain, six passenger and crew died. Third, June 29, Aviastar Mandiri from Wamena to Yahukimo impacted, three crew dead.
Fourth, the tragic accident, August 2, Merpati Airlines from Sentani to Oksibil was dropped at Apmisibil, three crews and 15 passengers died.


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