Immigration Case

10 Afghanistan Being Caught Merauke Officer
Last for this week, Immigration Officer at Merauke Regency, Papua, have been caught 10 Afghanistan. They entered Mopah Merauke Airport without passport and other immigration certificate from their country. The 10 Afghanistan just bring a refugees letter from UNHCR to find new country.
Head of Merauke Immigration Officer, I Made Pangkat, Saturday (31/10) by phone, said 10 Afghanistan still controlled by him and police regency. “They have been waiting further process, exactly where they will be placed,” Made.
Those peoples arrive at Mopah Airport, Merauke at Monday (26 October) by Merpati Airlines, commercial plane. When checked, they did not bring immigration letter from Afghanistan. Peoples just bring a mark letter from UNHCR (United Nations High for Commissioner Refugees). The officer arrested them and been brought to Hotel Rose Permai.
“Immigration officer have just confirm UNHCR about those Afghanistan. UNHCR said 10 women and man is refugees. But, as refugees, they should not go anywhere with free,” Made Pangkat said.
He hopes UNHCR and the sponsored International Organization for Migration (IOM), as soon as possible bring 10 Afghanistan come out from Merauke. Right now, their condition is fine but the officer have not permitted them exit from hotel.
They are including of seven man and three women that still family in blood. They are Mahdi Naeimi (50), Marof Naeimi (5), Karimeh Naeimi (9), Fatemeh Naeimi (14), Marseyeh Naeimi (8), Rahof Naeimi (11), Syafiyeh Golami (38), Maliheh Mohamadi (18), and Ihsan Mohamadi (13).
Just for your information, Merauke is one of the oldest south areas at Papua Province. Merauke have a bordered by a land with Papua New Guinea and bordered by an ocean with Australia. About a year ago, 12 September 2008, five Australian have been landing to Mopah Airport of Merauke using a mini plane without immigration or flight administration. At final court, they get free. (ich)


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