Freeport Incident

Papua Province Push Police and Military Catch an Actor at Freeport
Papua Province Government still gives a trust to police and military to catch and bring Freeport sniper series at Mimika. Officer asked o proof their commitment to break the case that last for four month.
“Police and army have to catch the actor. Many times, I speak, whoever an actor, whatever its organization, if they used a fire gun, we have to face him with a hot bullet to,” Alex Hesegem, Papua vice Governor, Saturday (31/10).
About the actor differences conclusion for police and military, Alex did not answers. Just for your information, Papuan Police Department said those actors are not Kelly Kwalik group. This mans in a leader of National Army for Freedom Papua Independence Organization (TPN OPM).
But, Indonesia Cenderawasih Army said the sniper is come from Kelly Kwalik Group. These two difference conclusion based on video which including a revealing from a man who claimed as Kelly Kwalik.
Alex Hesegem hope the actor stopped his terror that have been died three person and make people on village no longer settle. If the actor is Papuan people which come from any organization, they should protect Papuan. Not to scare people.
“Do not because of this actor, Papuan people become a victim. It’s can’t. Papua land is a human land, not barbaric,” said.
Further more; Alex said the security officers have been seriously taken this case. By the way, he understands its hard geographic conditions and guerilla make officer difficult to open case,” said.
Rifai Darus, youth man of Papua, doubt that officer could break Freeport incident. His reason its case have been four month longing with three men died and many more injured by militia.
“Freeport security have been added, but right now shot is still happen,” Rifai said whom head of Indonesia Youth National Committee, Papua Region.
He hope its case have not been intentional lasting with no end. Also, he doesn’t agree if Papua back to military operation area. “Freeport case should be opened, don’t enter it to cold storage. Many shot at Papua such as Puncak Jaya and many places right now are become not clearly.
Writer notes, incident at Freeport logistic way had been happening since July to October with 11 days shot. Three men died and many people injured. First victim is Freeport labor, an Australian, Freeport security officer, and a police man died.


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