Series Notes of Freeport Timika-Indonesia Incident

Series Notes of Freeport Timika-Indonesia Incident:

July 11, 2009
Drew Nicholas Grant (38) Freeport expatriate, an Australian, died and three mans injured. They had been shot in Miles 53.

July 12, 2009
Markus Ranteallo, security officer of Freeport, died after attacked by militia group at mile 51.

July 13, 2009
Second Brigadier Merson Pettipelohi, provost Papua Police Department had been found died at mile 64. Expected, he died a day before.

July 15, 2009
Five polices injured after been shot at mile 54. They are Head Brigadier Jimmy Reinhard, Head Brigadier Sumaji, First Brigadier Abraham Ngamelubun, First Brigadier Sardis Rumaropen, and Second Brigadier Supriadi.

July 17. 2009
Shoot at mile 49 happened to Freeport logistic long march. No man injured or died.

July 22, 2009
Three men injured after shot at mile 51. They are Freeport labor (H Sunaryo Silalahi and Agus Salim) and police officer, First Brigadier Fritz Manuri).

August 12, 2009
06.20 am, labors car of Freeport shot while drive at mile 45.
09.35 am, second shot at mile 45 to security car.
00.30 pm, army and police officer hear a shot while drive to Timika.
No one injured or died at three incidents.

September 9, 2009
Commander of Military Tembagapura District, Captain (Inf) Ronald Nainggolan with two officer shot while drive at mile 41. The incident only broke his car.

September 12, 2009
Security bus had shot by unknown criminal group at mile 43. Two passengers, Pangkarago and Anselmus Gau injured.

September 16, 2009
Commander of Infantry Brigadier 20/Ima Jaya Keramo, Colonel Lieutenant Victor Deni and Khusairi, security officer injured. They shot at mile 38.

October 20, 2009
Two man injured while long march of 11 Freeport bus bring hundreds labor from Timika to Tembagapura, at mile 42 to 43. Rudy Palendong (50) and Kristian Karangan (36) inpatient at hospital because of their injured.


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