International Dialogue Force Incessant

Factions at Papua reveal the need of international dialogue due to Indonesian Republic – Indigenous People with foreign country as mediator. This pursuit more incessant because of Papuan problems is too much and never finished. This is the reason to get best solution and far of conflict.

“International dialogue is a peaceful way for Indonesia and Papua to find problems at Papua such as cross of human rights, free of bearing , and not friendly law for indigenous people,” Wilson Uruwaya, Leader of Youth Papuan, Thursday (29/10), Jayapura.

He led demonstration with about 200 people from Youth and Student Solidarity. On that moment, mass demand international dialogue with foreign country. Mass refuse national dialogue which involved Jakarta and Papua.

This based on Papuan politic experience at past. For example, result of Penentuan Pendapat Rakyat (People Election) 1969 is not admitting for many Papuan. They debate its result right now although the process involves foreign country.

“Papuan didn’t make decision about neutrality of foreign,” Wilson speak. Second, he wants special autonomy status for Papua Province since 2001 for 25 years. The status, man said, just a gift from Indonesian Government to stop Papua Independence aspiration.


International Dialogue pursuit also happened on Thursday morning. About 50 students of Cenderawasih University crossed the entrance of school road at Waena Abepura. Their act made the traffic stopped.

Usama Yagobi, mass coordinator, said Papua is already bored with unfinished problems. Because of this reason, the students push Indonesian Republic should disclose to the dialogue. Therefore, problems could finish. Their acts have been guard by 300 police from mass controller and brimob. The formers wearing antidemonstration uniform.

Vice Officer of Jayapura Police Region, Amazona Pelomonia order the student to open the cross. Amazona did not permit student to do demonstration at Majelis Rakyat Papua (Papuan People Council). He said that the student didn’t have a permit for demonstration to the police office and their action should be stopped.

After discussion, finally Usama agree to stop their act. He promise will be continue the demonstration at MRP after getting police permission a soon as possible.


Markus Haluk, Secretary of Custom Papua Parliament also agreed about The National dialogue. He said to the Press that International dialogue is a freedom ways to finished many problems in Papua. Papua citizen and RI Government still searching a good person to represented the discussions.

He had chosen the United Nation Organization as the mediator because it’s neutral side. With the dialogue, He want all problems could be finished integrally and the violence in Papua of course could be more dignity.


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